Information about the school

Zespół Szkolno-Gimnazjalny w Jazowsku
33-389 Jazowsko
tel.: 01844-47-012


Our school

   In 1999 a reform of education was introduced in Poland. After that, school in Jazowsko was devided into a primary school which lasts for six years and a junior high school – three years.
   Around 450 students attend the school (teenagers from Jazowsko, Kadcza, Brzyna, Obidza and Łazy Brzyńskie) and 40 qualified teachers work here.
The methods of teaching used at the school are chosen in such a way that they are suitable for both gifted students and those who have specific educational needs. The school psychologist helps those students who have problems with learning. They have also a chance to take part in additional lessons organized by the teachers and receive help from their friends.
   There are many subject associations for the students which offer possibilities of broadening students’ minds, for instance: aeromodelling association – one of its achievements was organizing a historical – modelling exhibition – “The history of white and red chessboard", journalist association – students edit the school newspaper – “Gratka” which includes school news, contemporary topics and fun pages.Other subject associations are connected with art, music, computer studies, dancing, embroidering, theatre and declamation. Students also have a chance to help to organize school celebrations.
   What is more, there are many school organizations which involve the students. Among them there is The Polish Red Cross, LOP, the Student Government, Geographical Club, Students’ Cooperative – “Student”.


   Jazowsko is one of the oldest villages in the Nowy Sącz area.
The earliest information about it date back to 1225. The name of the village derives from “jaz” (a dam) on the Dunajec River which was used for catching salmon.
   Jazowsko is situated over the Dunajec River, 330 m behind the sea level, below a very picturesque ravine of the river. The river runs beetwen the mountain ranges of Lubań and Radziejowa,
the last of which is covered with forests. The location of the village provided for its great importance in the Middle Ages. It was situated on the communications route to Podhale and was included in the border system of defence which consisted of castles built on tops of mountain ranges. This system was created in order to protect Poland against attacks from the south. People here were mostly farmers who occupied their time with fishing and rafting. In the village there was a sawmill, a brickyard, a brewery, a glass mill and a very famous factory of bent furniture established by the Ader family.
   Nowadays, Jazowsko is one of the fastest developing villages in Łącko district. Around 2000 people working in the local industrial plants, service centres and agriculture live here.

mgr Małgorzata Hebda